What brand of laptop is best?

what brand of laptop is the best when considering performance and durability?

I want a laptop that'll last a long time with good performance. Which brand would be best for that, excluding Apple computers


haha...i dont have anything against Apple.

they're awesome computers, and i use them all the time at school, its just a little out of my price range

Update 2:

i plan to use this for stuff like

school work (highschool)

a little programming

internet browsing, nothing too crazy

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    here is a buying guide!

    Which brand to buy:


    What is optimal configuration:


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    Since you said "excluding" Apple, the answer would have to be Dell. They make millions of them; they are reliable and the company stands by them. If something was to break or malfunction, there are parts all over the world which are available.

    You can save a few dollars by buying a cheaper, lesser known brand, but it will probably not go the distance like a Dell will. I have seen the cheaper brands burn out fans after a year, and have various other ailments. They end up costing more than a Dell would have.

    Dell has a variety of laptops; you can choose what's right for your needs at their website. You can keep costs down by trimming away features you don't need. The Dell site also guides you to the kind of machine which suits your purpose. If it comes to it, even a used Dell is worthy.

    "Inspirons" seem to be a very common model. I wanted quality and reliability, but couldn't afford an Apple, so my next best selection was a Dell Inspiron 6000.

    I've had it almost three years, use it daily, no problems. I bought it while attending University; it's the most commonly recommended laptop because of its durability, performance and good service availability.

    If at all possible, try to make sure you get the new extra wide screen size, too. It really helps. Dell also has optional warranties. I bought the 3 year unlimited warranty which fixes anything as long as it isn't stolen. Never needed to use it. I've known people who have had parts replaced by Dell for free, even without the deluxe warranty.

    Good luck. Do well in school and you will be able to afford an Apple for college!

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    Depends on what you are using it for. Desktop publishing you want the Apple, Business you dell. You need to know what you want your laptop to be used for before you get one!

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    Apple macbook's and macbook pro's are the best laptops you can get, but seeing as how you are too naive to even try one, the next best laptops are lenovo IBM thinkpads.

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