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Should i still trust my friend?

hi i'm 14 about three days ago my friend told me her boy friend had a crush on me and that they had broken up cause he wanted to be with me i told her i did not like him and it was against girl code to dte your friends X so i said no, then she said i was being mean cause i would not give him a chance. i tried all that i could to avoid him, then when i met up with them by accident at lunch he said hi and i refused to look at him and ignored him, he told me if she told me if he liked me and i said yes. and he said oh she lied, and then she whispered we are back together now ;) and i am like um... huh?? and she is like yea he does not like you anymore, this made me really happy but i still did not understand why she had to lie,he says he never liked me, she says he did, she says who am i gonna believe him or your BFF? I AM SO PISSED NOW >:(

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    You are wasting too much energy on this one. The truth will ALWAYS come out in the end, but you have to be patient.

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    your friend is being an immature moron. trying to start a feud out of mid air for no reason? what is wrong with her. if i were you i would go up to her and be frank about what i have to say. i would ask her why she needed to lie for? does it make her feel better to lie? grrrr >:O that is so not cool of her.

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    I think your friend needs help. Why would she even tell you such a thing? That isn't what you call a friend and I think you shouldn't trust her because what else would she lie about?

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    She only did that to see if you would try to get with him, maybe she wanted if you were a true friend!

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