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Choosing the Right School?

i love to ski. i do a lot of freestyle skiing. i live in salt lake city utah. So im looking into a ski academy for 10-12 grade. i am really fit and could easily do all the physical parts. What is the academics like? is it worth it? by the way i am looking into Stratton Mt. School. Any thoughts or suggestions please post. Also how could i convince my parents to let me go? they think i should just finish at my school then go to college but i want to finish at SMS and then go on. Thanks!

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    Hey. I live 20 minutes from SMS. It is a very good school. They have amazing skiers and boarders come out of there. But they train about half the day. REALLY HARD TRAINING!!! But if your up to that than you'll be fine. Also Stratton is a good mountain but probably nothing like out west. I love it but I ski more a Bromley (close by). Because there are less people. (so many New Yorkers at Stratton) but you should come check it out. The buildings look kind of gay. There all Yellow. Haha.

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