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question about the tippmann A5 paintball marker?

i am thinking about buying a tippmann a5, and i was reading somewhere on a website that it was semi-automatic. Does this mean the you press the trigger once, and one ball fires, or you can hold the trigger down and it fires as many paintballs untill you let go? I think it means the first one (one at a time), but im not sure

i also saw a video a video on youtube where a guy was holding in the trigger (the second option named above), is there ways to change how it shoots?

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    baisically there are 3 models of a5s...

    the first is semii automatic (1 pull is one shot)

    the second is response trigger (bursts if you sweetspot the trigger) you can tune this to be fully automatic if you want

    the third is is electronic (allows for multiple modes)

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