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Should I get a Glock 19 9mm or a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistol? ?

I'm about to buy one of these two handguns, but im undecided on which to get. Which one is just an overall better handgun? And which will last longer? Thanks!

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    Glock is more reliable than Smith and Wesson semi-autos. However I do not like Glock either. I think the Springfield Armory XD has a better fit and feel for me. They are just as reliable and a little cheaper depending on where you buy them.

    The XD has a grip safety and striker status indicator and loaded chamber indicator as well. Glock does not.

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    Glocks and the S&W M and P are almost identical guns, Smith and Wesson actually got sued because the gun is so similar to a glock. My dad is a policeman and recently retired his Glock .45 for a Smith and Wesson M&P .40

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    The Glock is a much better gun, will never jam or go off accidentally. You can shoot thousands of rounds through a glock, fill it with sand, submerge it without cleaning it, and it will still fire and cycle when you pull the trigger.

    All this being said, the Glock is all business, and it not very aesthetically pleasing.

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    glock, but also check out the springfield XD-9. i had a XD-40 and it never missed a beat

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    personally I like Sig and H&K, but between those two, go with the Glock.

  • i like the M&P better than the glock.

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