should i tell my teacher i love him?

im in love with my teacher and idk wat to do! im leaving my school after this year and wondering if i should tell him on the last day of school. should i tell him in person or over email? my friends say email.... PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

idk wat to do.... - and hes 18 years older than me. but if i tell him i might want to come back and visit him. help :(


ive also been in love with him for about 1 1/2 years.

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    uhh. if you do. do it by email...

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    I am a teacher at a University. Lots of students fall in love with me every year. They like me because I have a position of power at the front of the class. Students find this exciting. It is a symbol of power and power is sexy.

    If I encouraged their affection I would be fired. It would also be extremely unethical for me to engage in a sexual liason with a student. You should try to forget about your teacher. Even if anything did happen it would be considered an abuse of the trust your parents have laid in the education system and an abuse of you, directly, as someone who is influenced by a person in a position of power. It is wrong. You don't want to be with a person who would do this wrong thing to you.

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    No, you will just regret it and it will be embarrassing for both of you. Don't worry you will get over it. Your friends should know better than to tell you to email him I am sure that even they know that it could never happen.

    Even if he did like you back you have to wonder what sort of person he is to look at you in that way as one of his students. He would loose his job and go on the sex offenders register.

    You have to think about what is best for both of you.

    Source(s): I am a teacher who has been in this situation but I would never look at my students in a sexual way, no good teacher would.
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    You say he is 18 years older than you, but you haven't said how old you are.

    I would advise you not to say anything to him, as it could get him into a lot of trouble. Wait until you are over 18 and if you feel the same way about him, then get in touch with him.

    But be warned, he could already be a happily married man. And again telling him how you feel could land him in trouble with his wife.

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    NO, absolutely not! No offense, it's not love. He may be your favorite teacher, he may be hot, but telling him that will make his job and life more difficult. He could get in serious trouble for withholding that information, and so can you for putting him in that predicament. It would not be fair for him. Just tell him you enjoyed his class, that will be enough. By this time next year, you'll forget all about it.

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    It's not love. Think about this person if word got out he can loose his job. Wait until your out of school if you feel the same still, then approach. But you could be setting yourself up for rejection so be careful.

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    Absolutely not. You are not in love with him. You are INFATUATED. Maybe he is a really interesting person and believe me, most people in teh world are actually kinda boring. What you should say is that you really respect him and found his class extra stimulating, that he is really interesting so much that you'd like to keep in touch with him maybe send him a post card from college to tell him how you're doing in your studies.

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    im in love with my teacher too lol

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    NO. you shouldn't tell him because he could go to administration or anyone else and report you for this type of stuff so i don't recommend it.

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