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HOLLISTER QUESTION!!! And what are your favorite kinds of hollister clothes?

Do they run small?? Like I've never really bought from there&wanna buy online... Should I go to store instead even though ordering online would be tons easier?! I'm usually a small in shirts&7 in jeans. I'm 5'1&110 lbs, slim with curves I guess :D Thanks

Second whats your favorite from there? Whether its the jeans, lace camis, destroyed jeans, patterned tube tops, polos, tees whatever! I'm planning on getting 1 pair of sweats, 1 babydoll cami, 2 lace camis, 1 polo, and 1 tee :]] Maybe clearence

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    i would say to go to the actual store because you don't want it to be to big or to small

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    definitely go there.

    I've had bad experiences shopping online and it's way more hassle to return something online than to go to the store once to try it on.

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    okayyyy ...... I LOVE HOLLISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) LOVE!!!!! okayy...anyways.....well.. shopping online is easier...but usually when i check online...they sort of have different things then in the store... but only there was this shirt i wanted... but they didn't have it online......and.......i love their skinnnyyyy jeannnsss!!! :p i love their clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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