Stools of a breastfed baby?

I keep reading about diarrhea in babies, and how you are supposed to watch for it. My son has always had runny poops. (he is 6 weeks). He is exclusively breastfed and does seem to have a lot of gas. His diaper will just look like it is stained yellow, with very few, if any, piles or small solid pieces. Sometimes there seems to be mucous. Is this normal for a breastfed baby? How will I know if it is diarrhea?

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    My son is 10 weeks and breastfed. His poops range from pumpkin orange to yellow and are very runny and leak out the diaper often. Sometimes it looks like he has cottage cheese mixed in. From what I've read and the movies I watched in the hospital, it is all normal.

  • Ian is still breastfeeding at 14 months. Until he started solid foods (stage 1-gerber) he had runny yellow stools with the seeds..once in a while they'd be a little more firm, but still runny. I called his pedi several times terrified that he had constant diarrhea, but she said as long as he was nursing and acting normal it wasn't anything to worry about bc breast fed babies generally have runny stool....even now during his teething periods where he eats less his stool with be that same yellow and seedy look. If you get really worried, give your pedi a call, but I'd say it's normal. Best of luck!

    Source(s): Still breast feeding my 14 month old son!
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    confident, my first toddler had some green stools and became totally breastfed. His have been green and frothy even though it is an illustration of oversupply of milk. Breastfed toddlers' stools selection in coloration and consistency with the aid of fact the milk grant adjusts in accordance to their desires and the toddler's desires substitute over the years. If it is your first, that's extremely stressful whilst issues like this ensue. once you're nonetheless in touch, bypass decrease back to you record. yet whilst your toddler is frequently satisfied, feeding properly, dozing ok, content fabric, does not have a fever, does not have a rash, is putting on weight, has sturdy epidermis tone, superb coloration, bright sparkly eyes, fontanelle no longer sunken then she is probable ok. you're suitable with teething. whilst toddlers teethe, the acid of their mouth variations that can impact their saliva production (they start to drool), it could make your nipples sore, it would desire to alter the colour and consistency of their stools. Congratulations on breastfeeding for 10wks!! :D

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    this is normal... my son had a lot of poops when he was younger but I called them watery farts...cause it wasn't a lot but it was often and then as he got older there were less watery farts and bigger deposits of poop...

    I wondered the same thing and the only thing people could tell me was

    "Oh you'll know if it is diarrheaa..."

    diarrhea is profuse, smelly, gag me nasty....and usually accompanied by a bad diaper rash

    your baby sounds normal to me

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    its not diarhea, its completely normal. when my baby was breastfed in her first few weeks of life she had the same thing, yellow poop with small pieces that look like seeds.

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    Normally if it's diarrhea it will be green and more frequent than normal.

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    your baby has solid pee or looks like crystals???? your baby is dihydrated, call your doc asap

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