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help please..really need ur ans.?

i have been very sick since yesterday i have a very sick stomach i do fell like i do have to no sick but no sick comes up just sick patch in my stomach it has lasted all day yesterday and today i feel very nausea also when i eat i feel so sick but i haven't vomit yet..also my lips are very very sore the feel like plastic and very cracked i can smile as it singes..i am also using the loo very urine i haven't diarrhea so if any1 can tell me what ye think mite be wrong dat wud be gr8 ..i am not very thristy jus my throat gets very dry and my urine is yellow but not dark..

i also have a very horrible taste in my mouth


should i go to the 24hr clinic or wait till 2morro...

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    It sounds like you may be dehydrated. I am really not sure form the symptoms you have discussed. You may just need to see you doctor. these symptoms seem quite random to be just one thing.

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