I need a lot of help on this!!!?

So, I’m in 10th grade, & a few months ago, I had to move schools because my family moved 9 miles away from my old school. So, it’s hard as hell over at my new school because it’s ghetto & I don’t know many people there. Like, seriously, I pretty much only have 3 actual friends; the rest of the people there aren’t close enough to call them friends… they’re more like acquaintances. And they’re not exactly the type of people I want to hang out w/…like, my closest friend is a pretty nice, Jack-Mormon freshman girl who’s suicidal & is technically a gang member (she goes to street fights & showdowns & stuff like that). My second closest is a sophomore guy (who I used to have a teensy thing for, but now I just find him repulsive that way now) & he’s constantly doing weird things (i.e.: sitting on my lap, stroking the back of my legs when he’s sitting on me, hugging me out of the blue) I just want him to stop & leave me alone, but I don’t think I can afford to lose a friend at this point. The third one is a sophomore guy who attempts to help me w/ my math HW (which I desperately need help w/), he’s pretty grungy, like the other sophomore guy, & he acts all diplomatic in class when really he acts all perverted at lunch. And I’m literally miserable at that school. I feel like I don’t really fit in there b/c I’m not all ghetto like the majority or the people there (And I DON’T want to turn all ghetto, not like I’d know how to do it anyways), or just b/c people think I’m weird, when I don’t really find myself doing things that would qualify me as weird. But I don’t think many people find me “cool” either. And I just want to know why it’s like this & what i can do to help myself. I’m going to try to go back to my old school next year, since I’ll be able to drive, have a job, & have a reliable car to get me from point A to point B. And I REALLY want to leave my current school SO BAD. I seriously find myself every day wondering how I’m going to make it through the day w/ out feeling like an outcast or something like that. So what’s wrong w/ me? Is it the way I dress? The way I act? I don’t dress like a nerd or anything like that… my basic outfits are skinny jeans, flats (or on some days, Converse), & a reasonably cute top. I don’t act all weird or deviant, like spazzing out all the time, or doing things that would creep people out or something like that… it just seems I don’t fit in very well. And I’m not very good at making new friends…like, I’m sort of intimidated by some people there, & it doesn’t help that most of the people there seem really prissy & cliquey. I’m also afraid that people won’t accept me or if I become friends w/ them, I’ll fall into the wrong group again & screw up my year there. I just want to go back to my old school SO BAD. I’d rather have a preppy and Mormon school than a ghetto druggie school any day. So please help me! Thanks!


Also, I can't just talk to my parents about it. They really wouldn't do anything about it...I was acutally supposed to go to a schoo that's actually more ghetto than the one I go to now (I'm on a boundary exception). So I can't really get any help from them on this one. And like I said, I'm intimidated by a lot of people at school, so talking t them & trying to make friends wouldn't be too easy since I'd probably just look like a loser cuz of shyness to them...

Update 2:

And I live in Gilbert, AZ

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    Wow. First things first.. talk to the dude that is making you uncomfortable and ask him to change or leave you alone (nicely of course). Second.. you shouldn't have to change your ways to make other people want to be your friend, you should be able to just be you. Third.. friends don't always just come to you, so try to go to them and try to chill with some new people. Fourth.. be strong enough to say no to the ghetto druggies that want you to hit up with them on a regular basis. Fifth.. ask you parents or guardians or whatever if there is any way that you could transfer back to your old school if you chip in for gas money or do extra chores or something to help out seeing how its only a 9 mile drive there. Sixth.. friends do mean allot to allot of people but they aren't everything. you probably miss you old friends allot but, keeping your grades up and do extracurricular activities after school are cool to. Hope I helped a little.. Good Luck! :)

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    Okay it does suck to not have friends. But I bet you not EVERYONE at your new school is a druggie or a ghetto fab person. I think people may dress that way, but they aren't actually that way at all. In my personally opinion, I think you should give some people a try who you haven't talked to before, involve yourself in extracurriculars.. Join a club were possibly people who think you'd get along with would be in.. like maybe drama club or like a business club or even the school newspaper or even student council! All schools have student councils and most people in that are fairly preppy.. they may not dress like it, however, since that's not the "in" style at your new school, but they probably are. If you can't find a new club you want to join, go out for a sport.. track takes anyone! Do like sprints or something simple like that. If you honestly don't want to do any clubs or sports at your school (well then I think you're just not trying to make friends) but then you could start a new hobby to keep you busy outside of school. Maybe get a volunteer job at the humane society and play with cute puppies or something like that! Don't just sit there though and feel sorry for yourself. Go out and get yourself busy... it'll make the year go by faster and hopefully more enjoyable.

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    i am exactly the same. Because where my school is, every one is a prep, and so am I, and theres no such thing as ghetto, and gangster. Whenever i go over my cousins, they live far away, so there school is kind of different. Don't be scared, invite them over one day and see if they act differently. They're just trying to act cool and ghetto. Trust me, they are probably VERY nice on the inside, and the more you hang with them, the more you'lll learn that inside they are NOT the bad.

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    Just try changing some things. Maybe a bit random about it, I don't have specific idea, but wear something different, talk to different people, go to different places. DO NOT FALL INTO ROUTINE. If you don't like the routine you have try to find something different.

    Do you do any sort of sports? Soccer, volleyball, whatever? Or even enjoy watching sports? Fitness, working out, anything? It is healthy to have people to run with or do other sports with, usually you have healthy team friendship sort of thing, I would suggest to join a team.

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    S0 Your a white girl who doesn't fit in a all BLACK school.

    Well instead of looking at it as a problem

    look at it as a oppertunity other people, but it takes time

    im 10TH GRADER who is in a all indian school in september i felt the same way but i made friends eventually

    n If yur still lonely ill be your friend defintly : ) send a email

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    I didnt read it ALL.But maybe you should talk to your parents,seriously about your situation.If you feel out of place they must do something,and also just TRY to make new friends.Going to a new place no matter what that place's reputation is is very hard.The only way you can feel accepted there is to make a friend.There's bound to be someone normal there or someone like you.

    Cliquerize yourself lol,are you a nerd or delinquent?

    And talk to that clique.

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    well...i can tell where you stand in this, but try to analyze it from a different perspective. maybe you're just prejudiced against your new school. if you can focus on something or someone else, the time won't seem so short when you finally get to leave, but at least try to find friends or fit in. You can try it first and then if you fail at least you'll know that at least you gave it a shot.

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    ok i know what you mean, its kind of like that with my school but the opisete. well you could join somthing at the school to make more friends, like a club or sport, not everyone there is going to be "ghetto", at every school, not everyone is the same, there has to be some kind of mix. so you will have to kind someone you have something in common with.

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  • honey i know exactley wht you mean and if you dont turn ghetto you will get your face kiked in probabley so just stay you dont let eni 1 tell what you can and cant not do but i suggest to talk to some 1 and there will be one person in the hole school who is just like you

    Source(s): i turned ghetto and i got aressed my face kiked in 3 ribs broken and i had to have stitches DO NOT TURN GHETTO
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