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Women: Is it weird to want a guy to do this during sex?

I was recently reading a book and this girl was talking about how she liked her boyfriend to stay inside of her after the sex was over, and she would just lay there with him inside of her. Is that weird, and have you ever done or wanted to do that?


The Book is Called:

Every Crooked Pot. It has a few sex scenes in it, but its mostly about this girl growing up with an eye deformity.

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    It's not wierd. it really special to some people.

    Some guys say when theyve finished sleeping with a girl theyre like argghh no! but the fact that they want to stay inside you proves there love. Yet it's not even that. It just adds a connection betweeen the two. And besides there is a big mess when he pulls out if using no protection, so u have to be prepared lol. x

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    My guy and I have done that, it feels good to just lay there - for me, it still feels good because im super sensitive at that point and even if he just twitches it feels good!

    I like to just lay there with him inside of me, I cant really explain it but I like it!

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    It is nice to feel the penis pulsating inside of you after he has had an orgasm. however don't let the guy get too comfortable he may fall asleep and then no round two :)

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    No i dont think this is weird

    because it must feel good

    what book is this?

    can you leave a comment and say what book it is?!

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    No, it's not weird.

    Every woman has different ways of feeling good.

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    nope, not weird.

    some couples fall asleep like that.

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    no, it isn't weird. each woman has her own preferences and those preferences are normal to each woman. grow up.

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