What are the pros and cons of eating free range meat?

Are there any dangers?

Are there any health benefits?

I know eating free range meat is more humane, as the animals aren't caged up.

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    "The USDA has no specific definition for 'free-range' beef, pork, and other non-poultry products. All USDA definitions of 'free-range' refer specifically to poultry. No other criteria-such as the size of the range or the amount of space given to each animal-are required before beef, lamb, and pork can be called 'free-range'. Claims and labeling using "free range" are therefore unregulated."

    "Alternative terminology can also be used to make high-density confinement sound more palatable. For example: cage-free, free-running, free-roaming, naturally nested, etc. are used as an alternative to the technical term, high-density floor confinement. Whether high-density floor confinement is more humane than high-density cage confinement is arguable, but in any event high-density confinement (of whatever type) is the antithesis of free range."

    Basically the salaughterhouse can give them as little space so not even more than one can be fully outdoors and it says nothing for the condition that ground outside is in (it could be just as covered in feces as the rest of them). It also says nothing for the type of feed or the antibiotics and hormones they give the animals (meaning the animals could still be getting these extra things that you could therefore be still eating these extra things).

    Basically instead of being crammed into cages they are crammed onto the floor.

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    Pros: It may be healthier. You usually won't find any growth hormones in free-range meats (though growth hormones have NOT been proven to cause health issues in humans)

    Cons: More expensive

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    1 decade ago

    If you live in the US the free range label means pretty much nothing. It's just a gimmick.

    If you want to eat humane, stop eating meat.

    Just you so you know, this is the vegetarian/vegan section.

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    I dont know of any health concerns but it kinda costs more.

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