NFL Q WEEK 11 10 pts?

Who do you think are going to win these games and why?

10 pts to most convincing

Minnesota @ Tampa Bay


Dallas @ Washington

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    Tampa Bay will win the first one because even though Minnesota and Adrian Peterson put together a convincing win against Green Bay, Tampa Bay has both the defense and the quick, veteran QB to beat Minnesota on both sides of the ball. Garcia will shred a Minnesota secondary that is only bolstered by its front four's quick actions. With Garcia quickly releasing the ball accurately, there will be little recourse for Minnesota. Tampa Bay's defense, on the other hand, is more than a match for Minnesota's inconsistent O-line and there is no real deep threat presentable by Minnesota's offense. Add in the quality of the LBs in Tampa's defense and it will be a long day for A.P.

    Meanwhile, in the Dallas-Washington game, look for a super-desperate Cowboys team to pull one out at Washington over a stumbling team that looked lost against Pittsburgh. If they lose, they are officially out of the hunt for the post-season with two teams in the division ahead of them. Look for a valiant effort by all players and Romo's return should only bolster this team's efforts.

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    Tampa Bay will win 49-21 at home vs. the vikings

    Tamba bay defense just overpowers Minnesota

    Dallas will win 24-21 in a very close overtime game.

    Dallas will play very hard defense. Washington will get all their points off of turnovers by Tony Romo. He is a little rusty after not playing for a while.

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    Tampa bay is better than the Vikings

    Dallas wins over Washington as several people are coming back to play,including Tony Romo.

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    Tampa Bay will whoop the Vikings.

    And I think Washington will win.

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  • Buccaneers win because they have the defense to slow down Adrian Peterson.

    Cowboys win because they are near desperate and get Tony Romo back. And if Clinton Portis even plays for the Redskins with a bad knee, he won't be 100 percent.

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    Does he have a favorite player? Have him root for the team with his favorite player. Or pick the team closest to where you live. It's always easy to root for the hometown team. Want an up and coming team? Look at teams like Cleveland or Arizona both of which have very exciting offenses. Want a team that wins a lot? New England, Indy, Dallas, Green Bay, or Seattle. Seattle is a team that wins year in and year out and nobody knows about them because they're out west. They're a very good team. There's a lot of teams to like for different reasons. Just gotta go with what you like best.

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    Bucs over Vikings - Bucs fan, how's that for convincing.

    Cowboys are awful, but they are getting Romo back, and Washington is vastly overrated, so I'll go with the Cowboys.

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    tampa bay wins because they got a better quarterback and receivers and better record and the cowboys cause romo will be back and got better receivers and running backs and are well rested.

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    Tampa bay --They have a better quarterback and receivers they also have a better record!

    Redskins--Better team. Better players. Over all they're gonna whoop the cowgirls .

    Source(s): Me. Ima skiins fan. Can u tell? L0l
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