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Going to visit Las Vegas?

Is it really as slow in Las Vegas as I hear it is ? I am going in a couple weeks and not sure what to expect. Just wondering if there is a noticeable difference in Vegas due to the economy + does anyone know if any good comp's/deals are out there because of it ?

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    It is noticeable on weekdays but not on weekends. With gas prices down the people from California are driving in again. Weekday prices are way down. Just go on any hotel website and see what they are offering. If you qualified for comps they would have contacted you with offers. However there are tons of deals.

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    The Vegas economy has slowed down - but there are still several million folks a month going in. While Nov/December will be "slow" don't expect a ghost town. If you are there on a weekend, expect taxi lines, buffet lines, club lines, etc.

    Room rates are very advantageous, for instance MGM Grand has a pay-for-2-nites-get-3rd-nite free promotion - room rates start at $80/night, so that's a deal

    It's possible, also, if you are there weekdays you'll be able to find 1/2 price tickets to more shows than usual. Check here for information how how to find these tickets once you are in Vegas

    Other "factors" you might see that indicate a slowdown: lower limits on table gambling at some of the Strip casinos; more availability for free tickets to "lounge" shows (ask at your hotel and at any hotels where you go to gamble); and easier access to Strip-view rooms if you request one at check in. You might find it easier to make reservations at some of the high-end restaurants.

    Depending on the last time you were in Vegas, you might see that taxi rates have gone up (they went up this summer), that drink service while you are gambling is slower (due to layoffs). and floor service at slot machines is not as good as it once was.

    Still there are lots of clubs, bars, acts, attractions, casinos, bright lights, and very friendly service.

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    Year over year this last September change was minus 10.1% versus last year's September. My gut feel tells me that it may have gotten even worse. The LVCVA numbers just came out. It takes them about a month or so to report them.

    If you don't like crowds, then this is good news for you. Some of the hotels are throwing in so many extras such as food, drink, show, spa, upgrade type of deals that if you use all of them, which you may not, then your net room expenses could actually be negative.

    There are a lot of discounts on the websites of the hotels so put yourself on their mailing lists and remember to book with the airlines and hotels direct to save the most money. If rates drop, you can re-rate the room at a lower cost. A travel website like Expedia, Orbitz, etc. may charge more and if you change a package, they may charge you for the change.

    A very good website for dining discounts and tips on saving money getting here is listed below. I have never seen a section like theirs for travel tips to Vegas anywhere else on the web.

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    Vegas isn't affected by the economy? Kent, they are hurting worse than any other US city.

    I get lots of comps and deals emailed and mailed to me from various slot clubs I belong to. You have to join one though to get the deals.

    Good prices can be found on rooms, especially during the week. Tix4Tonight outlet offer great discounts on shows and tours.

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    Vegas isn't affected by the economy. It has it's own.

    If you get a player's card at one casino, ex. Rio, and play there a while you get a room comp.ed but you'll eventually pay for it at the table.

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