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my ex boyfriends best friend?

ok so i finally got rid of all of my exs. they were causeing WAY TO MUCH DRAMA. expecially jeremy. so i dont talk to or see my exs anymore.. but i still see oscar *jeremys friend* in the hallways and at lunch. and oscar is cool and all.. but he talks about jeremy NON STOP. like how jeremy is with this girl and that girl and blah blah blah. and im just like.. oscar can u just not talk about jeremy.. i finally got him out of my life and so i really dont want ot hear about him... so he was like oh srry yea. but then the next day he was dong the same damn thing. and so me and my friends went and sat at a diff table. and we have been this whole week.. and ever since then every time i saw oscar he called me a ***** or a hoe. but then today i saw him and he gave me a huge hug and was like so how are u and gave me this sad look.. and i pushed him and walked away because i beasically felt like no you arent going to treat me like **** and then just come crawlign back...

so my question is. since im getting rid of jeremy.. do you think i should get rid of his friends too.. because i feel like oscar keeps me tied back to jeremy. but i kinda miss talking to oscar at lunch.. so what do i do??

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    it sounds like the friends are a package deal... my only real advice is that if you want to completely get rid of all these people, you have to get rid of every connection to them.

    you KNOW that oscar leads you to jeremy, and you still like oscar as a friend (if im getting the names right), so youll have to weigh whether you want to still be friends with oscar against how much you DONT want to be friends with jeremy. youre call. youll be fine either way.

    good luck!


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    1 decade ago

    Just tell him you don't want to be near jermey and if he is trying to get you together than you won't be his friend


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok what i would do is i would do nothing sorry

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