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Have you emailed your opinions of the automaker bail out issue to your Senators and Reps?

At least they will tally the will of their constituents.

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    I don't completely understand why everyone wants bailouts, or stimulus. I understand that people are hurting for money, but too many stimulus type ideas may lead to extended welfare, and that will catapult us into Socialism. On the other hand excessive bailouts are to me a sign of creeping Fascism. We either need to Practice both bailouts and stimulus with set limits on each, or recover the hard way, because if we lean one way or the other, then we won't be the same America that our parents handed down to us.

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    I wish I could say that I already have, but I have so many things going on right now I can't keep track of them all! But rest assured "my girls" Diane, Barbara, & Anna will be hearing from me as always. Thanks for the reminder!

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    I don't do politics,politics do me yet I still vote.

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