what is the deal with people not being able to own wolf hybrids in many states?

in lots of states it is illegal to own a wolf hybrid. but if you go searching up on the internet for a wolf hybrid puppy there are many people that own them in the states that there illegal, then why don't the USA make it legal to own them.casue people are still gonna get them when there not sopose to. i want to get one in maryland but there illegal and i see people with them so what the hell?????

heres a site to find out if there illegal where you live...



pit bulls are the same but there not illegal

i just dont get it.

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    i have a wold Hybrid and i love in Canada ps U.S is Stupid for doin stupid stuff like that!!!!!

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    People say that hybrid wolves are dangerous because they are part wild animal and are not domesticated like a dog is. They are right on that, but I do know what you mean. Hybrid wolves are popular around where I live. My BFs parents had them along with huskies and other northern breeds. I have even trained one and had it in my house. She was not aggressive and acted just like a normal dog. These are my experiences with them I can't say they are safe and I can't speak for other people, but all the ones I have been around were much like normal dogs in every way and were fine around people. I also own an american pit bull terrier and a bull terrier. APBT attack rates are high due to the popularity of them, people getting them for the wrong reason, people reporting attacks as the APBT (there are over 30 breeds that people call "pit bulls") bad breeding etc etc etc. They are not dangerous when bred and trained right and any dog can be dangerous.

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    The reason is that the rabies vaccine does not work on those types of dogs and we do not need an outbreak of rabies and we do not need irresponsible people owning such a potentially dangerous dog.

    Pit Bulls are a dog not a wolf hybrid and if you do not know the difference than you should not own either of them. Also many States are outlawing Pitts as well thanks to the irresponsible owners of a few making a bad name for all.

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    They are illegal because wolves are wild animals, not domesticated dogs-- When the two are crossed, it can mix any number of traits from either dog or wolf. This makes their personalities unpredictable- making them unsafe for MOST *not ALL* people to own.

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    Because Wolves are NOT domestic dogs. They are WILD animals and people get them because they want to have something exotic or "tuff". They have no clue how to handle them and they end up being BAD pets and potentially dangerous. And people breed them to make $$ and sell them to more clueless people.

    The man that lived next door to my Uncle had one. The dog was clearly not mentally stable and the guy had no idea how to handle this dog. Thankfully the person it bit was HIM and that finally was the end of that dog. It was not even two years old either.

    **Nooooo..pitbulls are DOGS...not wild animals. Domestic dogs.

  • 'Cause the vast majority of people who own, or want to own, wolf hybrids are idiots that shouldn't own a dog, let alone a "not dog".

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