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My mother is pregnant and all her other children are grown. Should I feel the way I do?

My mother is pregnant :0

My youngest sister is 14 and my oldest brother is 27.

(it is only us 3 and i am the middle child)

My father died when I was 10 and my mother remarried, a bit to soon for us kids but, any way, she is pregnant and i don't know what to think. no one in the family likes him, actually, we all hate him. GRRRRRRR any way, I want to support her but, I just cant stop thinking about how to get passed the fact that i sometimes think that this man is a curse and that now she is bond to him by blood. I have the worst memories from my remainder of my childhood just because he was in the same house. She hasn't even told the other siblings because they would flip out.

I would appreciate it if you could help me figure out how to support her and how to get over the fact that I want to dispose of the trash that my mother married. I at least would like to know how to stop being so angry all the time about this.

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    thought about talking to her about it...i understand where you come from my mother remarried soon after as well expect that my father didn't die [[sorry]]

    but she soon had a baby buy him and hes great and all he's helped alot but i sometimes think he annoying and dumb but hey...

    remember this is what makes your mother sure you dont want to see your mother unhappy and alone..and even if this guy isn't the greatest father in the world he still treat her right and is making her happy..i know the hardest thing for you is living under the same roof with him..i said this so many times but i cant wait till i move out =] cant stand my parents promised myself i would never become nothing like my mother =]

    but your having a new baby come into this world! and your mother should of thought about it before you got pregnant remember its not the babies fault...

    and besides she is going to have to tell the other kids anyway its not like we can all hide the fact that she IS going to get bigger...i hope this helps

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    Look at the bright side. You will have a cute new sibling you can help care for and teach that brother or sister how to be a good person with good morals.

    Your mother would probably like your support and help through out the pregnancy and after the baby is born.

    Think of this baby as a fresh piece of clay you can help mold into a beautiful work of art. Plus this kid will have your blood line also.

    Forget the step dad and only focus on the new baby's arrival. How exciting.

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    He must make your mother happy or she would not stay with him. Accept her decision, as hard as that may be. Let it go because you have to or it will continue to eat you alive.

    Tell her you love her and you are happy for her. Let him stand in the background of your emotions and your life. Be polite to him, but don't give him any power to upset you any more.

    This late baby will probably be a wonderful gift. Perhaps it will change him for the better.

    God bless.

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    Can't you be happy that your mother is happy? I mean if this man is beating her or mentally abusing her then yeah be upset but if he is generally good to her and she seems happy then let it go. Be happy for her and maybe take a step back and take a good hard look the situation from her point of view.

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