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Alright it's super easy. All you have to do is tell me whether or not you like the book. If you don't your wasting your time don't answer. I just want to see how many people love twilight. I'm just curious as to how many. to choose the best answer whoever answers this question from the book first correctly will get the best answer and 10 points. Alright so here's the question.

For what is reason is Bella mad at Jacob when he calls her and Charlie leaves Bella a note saying

"He said he didn't mean it, and that he's sorry. He wants you to call him. Be nice and give him a break. He sounded upset."

What was the argument about? What was Bella angry about and what was Jacob angry about? Use detail and don't say exact stuff from the book.

If someone already has answered the question don't just give up. They might be wrong and if you include more detail then i might pick you for the ten points instead. If you could really care less then just write something about how much twilight kicks a**!!!!!!!!!!!

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    omg. I love Twilight! 'tis the most amazing book ever, and my friend and I are counting down the days untill the movie comes out (9)

    I have Twilight stuff everywhere, and bug all of the people I know because I talk about it so often.

    So, the question.

    This is in Eclipse.

    Bella goes over to Jacobs house. I believe it is on one of the Cullen hunting trips, after Edward softens up to the idea of letting her go to La Push.

    Anyway, she goes there, and she has already planned on becoming a vampire after graduation, and earlier in the book,or in New Moon, she accidentally slips and lets Jacob know, in sort of a cryptic way, but Jacobs not dumb and figured out that she would, just not when.

    But when she's at Jacob's house, he asks her about it, and then they get all sentimental, and Jacob mentions that they still had a couple of years left.

    Then Bella corrects him and tells him that they only have a couple of weeks.

    Jacob gets angry and almost phases, but then calms down.

    They do a little back and forth, and mention something about being dead, and then Jacob says he would prefer that Bella died, rather than become a vampire.

    Bella gets angry, and says something like she'll try to get into an accident on the way home to make him happy than rides to the Cullen's on her motorcycle.

    When she gets home, she gets the note from Charlie, then thinks its strange because he usually doesn't editorialize her messages.

    Source(s): my awesome mind.... Twilight Saga just happens to be one of the greatest things ever!
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    "He said he didn't mean it, and that he's sorry. He wants you to call him. Be nice and give him a break. He sounded upset."

    Bella had just told Jacob about the fact that Edward would be changing her soon.

    Jacob said "i'd rather you were dead" because in Jacob's eyes, death would be a whole lot better then becoming a "bloodsucker"

    Obviously, this is due to Jacob's infatuation with Bella, as he believes that he has imprinted on her (Although, we later know this isn't the case) Edward is second best in Jacob's eyes

    and Bella needs somebody "more human"

    I like Twilight, I wouldn't say I love it though. I have a very unhealthy like for it, it's much like Wuthering heights, seeing how much Bella loved Wuthering Heights made me love it even more so because it's a wonderful book.

    There's something so contagious about twilight, I think it's the fact that Bella isn't described as being the prettiest girl in the world, and she's never given EXACT details about her appearance so girls can relate to her easily.

    it's also Edward, it's the dream about finding a boy much like Edward who loves you despite warning signs that he shouldn't

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    she was mad at him from before cause he said he would rather have her die than become a vampire and she still hadn't forgiven him about that!!! and Jacob was really sorry and kept calling bella to forgive him when she was in florida!!!!

    TWILIGHT KICKS A$$!!!!!!!!!!!! its the best freakin thing i the world!!!!

    Source(s): my unhealthy twiligh obbsession!!!!! LOL =)
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    in my opinion i admire Bryce extra advantageous. In twilight she replaced into meant to have shockingly crimson hair, yet Rachelle merely regarded like she had strawberry blond hair, mutually as Bryce's hair is somewhat crimson. And with the finished voice element. Her voice is meant to be mild in bubbly. Rachelle's voice is powerful although. Bryce has a extra girly voice. So Bryce is the main appropriate decision.

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    Bella is mad at Jacob because he said he would rather see her dead than a vampire. Jake realizes his mistake and wants to apologize..think thats the fight, they had sooo many! lol

    And yes...twilight does kick ***.

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