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should i make out with him?

ok well i have been dating this guy since last Wednesday. well this friday my friend is having a party and hes going to be there with me. he says he wants to make out with me and i want to make out with him 2. but i don't know if its the best thing to do. i mean we have only been dating for 8 days. should i do it, or will i be taking it to fast?!? plz plz help!!

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    if you do then go for it,

    and if not then don't force yourself to do it,

    if he likes you that much he should understand why you

    don't want too.

    I honestly don't think it'd hurt the relationship if you do,

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    It's kinda corny when a guy TELLS you he wants to make out with you. Next thing you know, he's gonna tell you that he wants you in bed. I don't know. It's all up to you and on how you feel about it.

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    You should just make out with him

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    Um.. I guess if you wanna makeout, then sure, why not?

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