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some wwe svr 2009 questions ?

can u win any titla on season mode ?

whats the inferno match like?

can u get kane masked ?

what other new matches r on it?

rate the game out of 10

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    Yeah, it seems like you can go after any midcard & world championships.

    Inferno match is okay. The graphics for the fire is awesome. The heat of the fire rises as the match goes on. The goal is to drag your opponent into the fire. I had a tough time getting my opponent on to the fire though.

    Kane is not masked but his entrance theme song is the one that he use to have several years ago.

    Only Inferno Match is new but it replaces the Buried Alive Match.

    There are about 10 WWE Divas this time.

    You can place wrestlers on the Brand of your choosing and hand a belt to a wrestler w/o them wrestling.

    I'd give the game a 9 1/2.

    There are no legends in the game except for Ric Flair & Tazz.

    The legends will be in the Legends of WrestleMania game.

    Tommy Dreamer is the only ECW original.

    There is no GM Mode.

    Road to WrestleMania limited to only a few superstars to choose from of Triple H, CM Punk, Undertaker, Chris Jericho and John Cena or tag team of Batista & Rey Mysterio.

    There is a superstar mode in which you can use any superstar that you want. You can even use the Divas this time. You can adjust the roster for superstar mode just like in SD: Here Comes The Pain.

    I don't like the new camera angle for wrestling outside of the ring.

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    In road to WM no you cannot. in career mode yes you can. though career mode is exactly likre exhibition except youre the same wrestler every match. so its not a season mode

    COuld be longer. too easy for a win in my oppinion i still prefer a TLC match the most

    Yes as downloadable content. so you cant get it if you have ps2. plus the downloadable content has not been released yet i thinlk. and im sure wwe will probably make you pay for it

    same as every other game


    its pathetic. road to wmn is stupid. the storylines are like out of a 5 year olds book. its corny and lame. career mode is a poor repl;acement for gm mode and the only decent thing to do on the game is exhibtion.

    so its a poor game and 08 managed to be better to tell the truth. the only good things are the new and updated create a modes and the roster

    other then that the main modes did very very poorly

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    i know all about 09.i been following it since the summertime.

    1-yes u can.

    2-its a match where u gotta stay in the ring.the fire raises to 500 degrees,which isnt really high.but only when u do a finisher or signature.and once the degrees is full u gotta hurry up and throw ur oponents over the rope in the fire before it goes down.

    3-they didnt say that.but no u can't

    4-inferno,new version of parkiing lot,locker room and more features in other matches.

    5-8+ or 9/10

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    ya u could win a tittl at seoson mode and inforno match is like theres fire around u so its pretty fun but dont go in the fire you could get kane masked for the wwe shop on ur game the new matches are the punjabi prison match dark match i think about 10

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    it's great the best match in the game

    i think u can get it on 360 and ps3

    gauntlet and pin falls count anywhere

    10/10 best wrestling game ever

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    yes 10

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    yes i have got all of them but i cant say how i got them!!!

    i rate it a 10

    so many other matches

    its awesome

    im a game designer so i get to play them before they come out

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    once you opt to your wrestler, it provides you techniques like play grimy or sparkling this is under tht someplace the place you are able to substitute wht you wanna be interior the ring! i think of this is on the different facet! i dunno if its a similar for each console however! it could be! wish this allows! :)

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