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I think my moms brain is gonna explode?

I do more chores then she asks me to, I make dinner some nights, I tell her I love her all the time, but her job is obviously overwhelming.

Yesterday she came home crying because she was so frusterated with it. I told her maybe she should look for a new job but she said "Yeah right! If we're going to have food, clothes, and you're going to have your braces next month, then I have to have this job. No other job around here pays better."

As a single parent (although we live with my grandparents) she works with her full time job. It's a mental health clinic, so she always has people screaming at her, and on the side her coworkers dump a lot of their work on her. { I was there once when it happened, and she always talks about it. }

Besides that, she does typing at home for extra money which takes up a lot of her free time.

She also takes care of me, and our four cats. Now currently one of them is sick so we're trying to deal with that too.

Saying "I love you" and doing extra work doesn't seem to make her feel better, so what else can I do to help her out?

She's a really great mom and she gets a lot more crap then she deserves.


You're all really sweet.

I think a job is a great idea. I've filled out applications for 3 different places so far.

Thankyou for all your great ideas. I don't know how I'm going to pick a best answer.

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    Sound like your doing a great job as a daughter.

    Your mom just needs somebody to talk to so she can share her frustrations and emotions of the day. She needs to be able to talk about her frustrations with work w/o somebody telling her "why don't you just quit" or "just ignore that person" etc. Responses like "I agree, that would make me mad, too" or "you must feel really overwhelmed by this" etc.

    Typically that is what a husband is for but since your Mom is a single parent, someone else can take that role. I really can't say if that should be you or not. Really depends on how open you and your Mom are with each other and whether your Mom can trust that you won't feel insecure about her sharing her insecurities with you.

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    Wow. You sound like a great kid - doing so much to help out your mom without even being asked. It's nice to see that instead of the selfish lazy bitches normally around here.

    But you must realize that she is the parent, and you are the kid. There is only so much responsibility that you should, or can, shoulder for her. It's part of being a parent, being an adult even, that you have to make sacrifices. You are already doing a lot to help her, even if it doesn't seem to help that much - just imagine how stressed she'd be without your help.

    She could start looking for a better job, but that in itself is time-consuming, and it might make your mom feel more stressed if you keep mentioning it - like one more task she has to get done. So don't keep on about that too much.

    I don't know how old you are. When you reach the legal employment age, you might consider getting a part-time job if you want to help. Right now, perhaps you could offer to help her with the typing sometimes. If there are any ways you can think of to save money - things you normally get but maybe don't really need, shopping at Goodwill sometimes, forgoing some new clothes when you like them but don't actually NEED new clothes. But I don't have a lot of other advice for you - it sounds like you guys are in a hard situation, and sometimes there just isn't a good answer that solves everything. Sometimes, people just have to work through things.

    I wish both of you good luck.

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    I think that you are doing what you should be doing.....your mom notices that you are trying to help her. Just keep up the good work. I know that it must be tough on her and she is very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter like you.

    Try just doing nice stuff for her constantly. Take out the trash, clean her car, take full responsibilities for the cats. Actually, it sounds like you got it under control. Bring her breakfast in bed on her day off......even if it's just chocolate milk and cereal......that will be such a wonderful thing to her.

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    She's lucky to have a daughter like you. However, you need to realize that her problems at work are her problem and not yours. There is nothing you can do about her choice of job. Use this as a learning experience and realize that you need to do well in school and go to college so that you have better job choices than she does. You already do as much as you can for her.

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    So nice of you to help your mom as much as you do, great job! keep that going, she does need that helping hand.

    You can take your mom out to the mall or to just walk around the park, or have a dinner or something even at mcdonalds, something that would get her outside of work or home. good luck

  • 1 decade ago sound like a really great daughter. The only thing I can tell you is to continue helping out around the house and try to give her her space if she needs it...other than that, you sound like a great kid and you're doing more than is asked of you.

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    Sit down and talk to her. Tell her the ask work and colleagues to stop shovelling so much work on her or ask for sick leave citing the above problems.

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    awww. im sorry. maybe during the summer you can get a part time job or something and use that extra money to help your mom our or take her to get her nail done or something for a relaxing girls day or something.

    Source(s): my mom was a single parent.
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    aww she's lucky to have a daughter like you :]

    maybe make her a surprise breakfast one day, or something like that to show her you really appreciate her

    maybe get a job if you can?

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    Were is your father? If your mother is divorced. Your father should be paying child support. That way she should not have to work so hard.

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