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Could I have some writing tips for an adventure story?

Could I have some tips for writing an adventure story? I want general tips, but I also could use some more specific ones. One of my biggest problems with writing is making chapters that are more than a paragraph. It's kind of ironic, but despite the fact that I can't tolerate writing if it's WAY too fast paced, it's hard to make it very detailed.


By the way, I was thinking of making it about the Tablet of Destinies (or as it's often called, the Tablets of Destiny).

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    slow down, that's all i can say. if your writing an adventure story, you need to slow down the pace. keep the reader sitting at the edge of his/hers seat. even slowing it down just a tad would be better.

    another tip would be write it first, then proofread it. you can go back over it, but going back over it and over it, will just get you stuck in a bad writer's block and i`m saying this from experience. follow this one!

    others would have to be, plan out your story. even planning your chapters. like:

    Chapter One: Ted finds the map, he asks his friends for help..blah blah blah.

    breaking it down, will help you out. you will know what to write next. and remember that this is your story and you can change it anytime you want. you don't have to stick to the same thing you started with. writing is about exploring it and changing it. have fun with your writing. breaking it down will help you out.

    maybe creating character profiles too, that would possibly help you. start with the simple, full name, age, nicknames, hometown, etc. maybe even getting a picture of a celebrity or model that maybe looks like your character would be a good idea. then you know what he/she looks like. also knowing the clothes.

    describing every single detail is just plain STUPID! so stay away from describing every single detail. plus if you have already explain the way his hair moves from side to side, it's just silly to explain it again.

    that's about it. just remember everything that has been stated and you will do great! good luck with your story, and just have fun!

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    Try this: with absolutely nothing but the title, sit down a write. Forget about plot, characters, everything, and just write. Trust me it will help you come up with ideas. Whatever you do, don't forget you are not in the story (unless you want to be.) If the story is written in third person, make sure you are just there to chronicle that persons story.

    As for the genre, I suggest reading a few adventure books or look up websites that had some adventure writing prompts. Trust me when I say that character developement is crucial and when you just write about the character in his or her realm, the story will unfold itself for you. Lay back, relax, and let your characters do all the work.

    Source(s): I am planning on writing novels a career. TEEHEE!
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    Ok, this is what I do:

    Picture the scene in your head before you write it, think of it as a scene in a movie. Then, think of what you're seeing. What are the details? What are some good descriptions you can use to help your readers see the same thing you're seeing? Key in on the important stuff, and let your imagination take care of the details. Let the important stuff be the cake, let the details be the frosting. Without either, the cake doesn't taste as good. Make sense?


    Good luck!

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    I would join a writing community if I were you. There's this great one I've been on called The people there are really helpful and give great advice. You can also post for critique.

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    In each of your scenes, spend some time on the essential elements: who, what, when, where, how. If you describe these in detail, you will flesh out your story and give it the setting and the feeling.

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    Of course every story needs a villian, the hero could rush through various and strange lands to reach the villian's castle far away to stop him from doing something really dreadful......ect

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