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Grand Prix Single Exhaust to Double Exhaust, Any Difference?

I have a 01 grand prix se, came with one exhaust, im thinking of adding a y connector and adding another exhaust to have double exhaust, im doing it mostly for the look, but i wanna ask is there any HP gain or loss, or any downfall or gain in doing this? any help is appreciated thanks

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    this is a great idea. dual exhuast will increase your horsepower, and it should help your gas mileage. and yes it does look good and it will sound sweet if you get a loud muffler. there are really no down sides to this. and while your at it, if you want to add more power, then toss on a free flowing catalytic converter. so you should feel the power. no down sides.

  • In theory, it will let the exhaust flow slightly better. The exhaust will be split to each exhaust which should decrease back-pressuree. That should increase power and possibly fuel economy. But it will add some weight which may cancel out the benefits considering the weight of the extra hardware.

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