How old for certain jobs and review app?

I'm almost 15 and have very supportive parents who could drive me to work every day.

Do you think I could get part time sales jobs in places like Wet Seal ad such?

Besides filling in personal information, they asked why I loved and wanted to work at Wet Seal.

Is this good?

I LOVE Wet Seal! They have the cutest and most fashionable clothes by far in the mall. Everything is affordable and ohsoadorable. I'd 5'9 and it's so hard to find clothes that fit me right but Wet Seal caters to every body type.

Since I have had much volunteering and school experience, I know how important it is to be friendly, respectful, know how to work your best and have integrity. I think I can bring all that and more to the table.

The people working there are kind and helpful and it would be an honor to be a part of that team! :]

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    1 decade ago
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    what would u like we say u?


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