Help me... I stink!!?

Okay so i get a shower every morning and all and wash properly . But i smell odd. I personally think it is my clothes but they are washed too. My dryer is broke so we dry them on a heater. Is that why..Also how can i smell better without packing on perfume and smelling like a french hor.

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    1 decade ago
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    Did the smell start after your dryer broke? Sometimes my clothes would smell funny if they weren't completely dry and they were left in a pile. You need air circulating around them while they are drying.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Drying them on the heater actually is not the best way to get them smelling fresh. Throw 1/2 cup of baking soda in next time you wash them and then try hanging things up to dry without the heat. That should eliminate the odor without adding a new one.

    Also try your local craigslist "free" section for dryers, people give away free working dryers quite often.

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    Try switching body washes maybe you need a deodorant type bodywash... Also, switch deodorants that might be the problem as well.. Keep a travel sized deodorant in your purse, locker, car somewhere you can use it whenever... As for your clothing.. get an extra tension rod to hang in your shower and use that to hang dry your clothing... If you need something a bit faster get a small fan and use it to circulate air to dry clothing faster....

    Source(s): I used to dry clothing w/o a dryer....
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    Use goats milk soap. And do not dry your clothes on a heater, that can make them smell bad and it can cause a fire. Hang your clothes to dry. Try using a body lotion.

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