Does it sound like he used to like me? ?

We are in the same group thing for our class (but we started using comps. so I don't see him that much, or talk to him either) And me and a friend (that I sit by on the comps.) were sitting at a table, and he was like, "i'm gonna sit by you guys so i don't get in trouble" (there was nothing to be in trouble and he sat next to mee. :D

the computers are in rows, (as I said) and i'm really loud, so every time that I say something, a lot of people can hear it. When i would say something, he'd always glance over at me(especially if i laughed), or if i asked a question, he would answer me. :P even though he's like....6 comps. down. hah. he used to always come up the isle, and ask the teacher something, and he'd kinda look at me, i guess. ha.

and this one time i was talking to the friend before class ended, and he came over to our group thing. :D

but i guess he has a girlfriend now? one of my friends is friends with him on myspace. :/

did it sound like he liked me? I don't like him that much anymore, so it's not like i'll lose any sleep over it. (i have my eye one someone else :P) I was just wondering. I can be rather oblivious! :D

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I bet he still likes you, wait till he breaks up with his gurrrrl. U know we guy in high school will just flirt every girl we can not our fault it's in our genes!

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