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How does a wind turbine convert the wind into energy we can you use?

I'm doing a science project with my best friend, and we want to see if we can convert wave energy into the kind of energy we can use, like a wind turbine. So, we want to know how a wind turbine can convert the wind into energy, then we can do the same with the wave energy. PLEASE help.

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    A wind turbine or wind generator or windmill uses the energy in moving air (wind) and converts it into usable electrical power with a generator. The force of the wind hits the blades of the windmill causing them to rotate. This rotational force turns a generator inside the wind turbine. Magnets in the generator cause and electrical current to flow. This electrical current flow is used to power things.

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    The principle is really simple. It's called the conservation of momentum, where F x t = m2Xv2 - m1Xv1. When the moving air particles hit the blade of a turbine at an angle, it loses velocity. The lost velocity is transfromed into a force in the magnitude defined by the equation above. The efficience of your wind turbine is determined by the pitch of your propeller which varies depending on the speed of the wind. The kinetic energy of the turbine is then transformed into electrical energy by a generator.

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    Wind turbine is nothing but a fan in reverse. Its blade absorb wind energy and rotate the shat.Shaft is coupled to Generator which make electrical power.The mechanical energy from the wind is converted into electrical energy and transmitted to power system through grid lines to uyour home.

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    When you apply electricity to a motor, it rotates.

    If you rotate the motor with wind by attaching its shaft to blades, it will generate electricity.

    The frequency of the electricity you generate will vary with the number of rotations per second. You would have to have a sophysticated gear system to keep the frequency constant.

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    this is a link to a virtual plant tour of a wind turbine "generating farm"

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