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Is there a way to make time pass faster?

I want to make a new start and maybe move on my own somewhere far away, but I am only 19 years old and my mother wouldn't want me to leave without "proper education". So I started college and in around 3 yrs from now I will be done and ready, but until then I know I 'll be unhappy if it goes on like this. I 've been quite sad lately for many different reasons including a major heartbreak -which is why I don't want to find a boyfriend yet, so don't even mention it =p.

How will I make all these days go by faster? I am not in the mood to dedicate myself to homework. I only sleep and eat and wait. I am not sure how long I am going to take this. I am stuck here because I don't want to disappoint them. How can I make all this time feel any less?

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    Don't wish your life away...

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    yes, there is, but first i agree with somene here who said u'll only be 19 and young once. no mortgage payments, no credit cards debt, no driving kids to school or choosing between paying ur water bill or ur cable one.

    believe me, i'm 40, and those college years are among my fondest memories, because of the time and places i went with my friends i was free and was out of my parents grasp to be a man for myself (at least when i was at college).

    i remember when i was 20 and it sems like yesterday. so there's no hurry, ur gonna be 40 whether u like it or not. and besides, years will seem to go faster and faster as u go older. u'll remember me when u hit 40. be young, don't waste it or u'll regret it.

    as for that time machine i was telling abuot, this is what is making the last 2 or 3 years of my life fly away. as for one day, don't lie around waiting for the day to wear off.

    at my job or at home when i have litlle or nothing to do the day goes really slow, but when i have chores to go around soon it's lunch time and a little later i'm punching out.

    by the way, if i stand by the punching clock waitng for 5 minutes to punch out, they seem like 15, they kill me! but if i take a quick walk aroud the parking lot i barely make it back on time . see what i mean?

    as for a year, here's the trick:count the holidays, not the days, weeks or months.

    notice how walgreens and other stores set up all the saint valentine's day the very day after new year? and then the easter bunnies and easter eggs after valentine. then it's mother's day and a jiffy away for the fouth of july. Hey, it's half year already! wasn't chrismas two months ago? now this is the beautiful part, when the kids go out of school for summer vacation, u'll know that when they come back they're gonna start soon to put all the halloween stuff in the store windows and shelves (they say it's fall stuff. yeah! those merchandising rats!) now right just today i was taking halloween stuff off my front yard my lazy *** was delaying and next week is turkey slaughting thanxgiving day! and guess who comes to town when the macy's parade's over? yep, big fat santa. that means "sayonara 2008!"

    i doo this because i luv halloween and xmas, and can barley wait for the hollidays to come back. the downfall? i get another year older sooner. it's starting to creep me out, really.

    this is gonna work for, u'll see! good luk and lot's of love, and get that boyfriend u need, it will help too, believe me!

    oh, and one more thing: why don't u become and exchange student? you'll have agood time travelling and time flies away when ur enjoing youself.

    c ya!

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    You are 19 if you are truly unhappy with your life and have the financial stability to do so GO. They can't stop you, and they may be dissapointed at first but if it's going to make you happy they will come around. If it doesnt make you happy guess what I'm sure they will glady welcome you home with an "I told you so" and you can do things the way they want. Just tell them you want a year off, or you could even go and study abroad for a semester or something. The important thing is that you are happy and that you are living your life for you and not your parents.

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    You and me both. Seriously. Everything you say about yourself is true to me. I want to experience life. I want stories to tell.

    I think I'm going to try to study abroad. I also think that for next summer, I'm going to go to some crazy awesome city and support myself by working at a hotel or something.

    Just stay in school and get a degree. Make sure you're studying something you love. Find ways to make your plans work with your school plans.

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    Do what You want to do. Don't do things just to make them approve.

    If you want to leave and are sick of it, just leave, take a break from school for awhile(you can always go back)

    Take time to find yourself, and things that make you happy.

    Live your life the way you want to live it.

    besides it seems your old enough to live on your own.

    A Rubik's Cube makes the time pass pretty fast. lol

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    Be thankful that you are young and enjoy every minute, every second of it. When you are old you will wish you were still 19, and in college, and living life. This is a wonderful time! Please, love life!

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    time is a gift enjoy it!!

    do something u love to do to make time seem like it is going faster:)

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    i say enjoy life now

    but if you want to make it past


    live your life as if you're asleep

    wake up

    and think about sleeping again

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    make friends, go out, join clubs, go to parties, have fun.... your already in college might as well enjoy it... who knows maybe itll grow on you.

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    ugh well yea......

    i am sure this aint what your lookin for, but tkae speed. it dosent effect you at all but it makes time go by ALOT faster

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