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Pregnancy possibility?

My last menstrual period was on the 24th of October, and since the 30th of that month to last night I've been having unprotected intercourse. Mind you that my fiance and i are clean and ttc. I've been more thirsty than usual and had slight lower abdominal cramping and I am feeling more slugish and feeling as though i need to take a nap. Also the intercourse that we had last night felt different then that last few times that we have done it. The days 2nd thru 6th were my fertile days. Does this mean that I could be pregnant? Or am I just being silly and paranoid?

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    It very well could have happened! You may be pregnant! Wait until your period is a day late - then take a test - good luck and baby dust to you!! =)

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    it would be too soon to tell.

    waiting is very difficult but it is all you can really do...

    wait until the day you expect your period and test.

    good luck!

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    Sounds like you're ovulating, not pregnant. You wouldn't have felt anything yet anyway.

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