Burning nipples? OUCH!?

I'm 18 weeks pregnant today! Yay! BUT for the last 3 night, my sleep has been interrupted by burning hot nipples, They hurt so bad. Even throughout the day today, I've experienced it. I don't wear bras to sleep and I haven't had a bra on today, just a t-shirt. Am I about to start lactating? This early? How can I stop it? Or is it just a wonderful part of pregnancy?

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    I had the same thing. Sorry I don't know what causes it. I think it's just part of pregnancy, though. Hope it gets better! Try going topless for a while. I know that sounds weird, but wearing a T-shirt can rub your nipples and make them even worse. I learned that from experience. I you can't go topless right now, try sleeping topless with your blanket not touching your nipples. I found that doing all that helped. Ice does, sometimes, too. If you have some, you might want to try Aquaphor. That might help, too. My daughter's pediatrician recommended it for sore nipples while breastfeeding.

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  • Your breasts are expanding and your nipples are changing, getting ready for baby! You may or may not be lactating, but chances are it's just the changes at this point. My nipples hurt SO bad until the 3rd trimester. At night and if I could at home I'd just go bare (weird, but if you're alone it doesn't matter, and my hubby got a kick out of it!). During the day I wore a very thin cotton bra because it helped my shirts not rub against me.

    Good luck, God bless!

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    Congrats on the pregnancy.. I am 19 weeks, and I am going through the same thing! They burn and itch!! I believe it is normal in pregnancy... I have been using cocoa butter and that seems to help!

    Good luck!

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