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i have little blackheads in my chest?

i have little blackheads and some marks in my chest,what can i do to clear this uP?

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    Hi Ana,

    First you have to understand what blackheads are before you should try to be rid of them:

    Blackheads, called an open comedo are little yellowish or black bumps embedded in your pores. Blackheads are generally the first stage of acne, right before the bacteria settles in.

    Puberty is a huge factor for blackheads can be caused by surging hormones, which stimulates the oil gland. This creates little balls of excess oil in your pores. They turn back when exposed to air. Because of their oil basis, blackheads are more likely to form on oily skin. Blackheads can also form when the skin is not cleaned thoroughly. Dead skin cells will clog up pores and thus cause accumulation of oil. Similarly, too much make-up will clog pores and create blackheads.

    You can extract blackheads yourself if there is no sign of infection on or surrounding the blemish. Steam your skin for several minutes by placing your face over a bowl of very hot water. Keep a towel over your head to retain the steam. This procedure loosens the pores, facilitating the extraction process.

    Do not extract aggravated, inflamed or infected acne lesions as this will make the acne worse and possibly cause scarring.

    Your blackheads are on one of the most beautiful areas of a female, so be careful that you don't scar it by squeazing them. If you google blackhead cure, there are lots of sites and creams for sale to help this. I'm sure if you go to the local department store, you can find things. Get on this before it turns into acne.

    Take care

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