How can you tell if he's IN-Love? ?

How can you tell if he's IN-LOVE? Not just puppy enfatuated love, but head over heals, do anything for you type of love? My boyfriend and I have been together 7 months. We're in an "LDR" or long distance relationship. He just got done buying a ticket for me to come see him and putting me into a fancy hotel for two nites. He'll go a few days w/out talking to me or some times he wont respond to my text messages (which I question wheather he's choosing not to respond and ignoreing my feelings or just not considering them as he gets too busy to respond?) I don't know how busy a navy man is. I don't ask because I don't like him too feel like I'm needy. I love him very much and he kids with me about moving up with him and tells me how much he misses me. He cares about me if i'm hurt and is very intuitive when it comes to my feelings. I know he cares Im just nervous that I care more than he does because I'm always doing things for him to make the distance seem less (like sending cards, emails, and texts, I even made a note book for us to write in about our days so we seem closer) and so far he's not returned one favor. I would love a mans opionon on this one. Girls, if ya'll can relate or have any advice please let me know. I don't want him thinking I'm more into him than I should be and scare him off. Pleeeease help! Thx ~Thorn

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    tell him how you feel when u see him next and make a judgement by his initial reaction, you dont have to wait for him to tell you about all the emotional stuff because chances are he wont because hes a guy, if he responds to ur love in a good way then congrats, if not then im sry... but make sure hes not just agreeing with you because he wants sex, make sure his intentions are good

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    the navy is a very serious job to some people and maybe he is genuinely busy he will get back to you when he has the time so stop fretting you come across as being very insecure about you place in the relationship maybe he can feel that too

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