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School trip away????????????

its our last year in year 11, and the teachers and students want to go away for the weekend, but the thing is that the is 120 students in our year...but not all 120 students want to go around 60-100.

so i wondered if anyone knew any place we could go for a weekend that offered activites to do.

any suggestion please

if possible could you state places in Europe...ideally england...

thank you

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    I'm confused...a weekend trip to Europe? Where is your school/where would you be coming from?

    So you're looking for somewhere to go (in England) with 60 to 100 people? If you're doing any travelling and/or site seeing with that amount of people, you almost always have to go through a travel agent to make arrangements for that many people at once.

    If you can provide a bit more information, and clarify what you want to do, I may be able to help better...

    Source(s): Former travel agent.
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