without heating, will a house be just as cold as outside?

Got into an argument w/ my step-dad about heat in the house

We use a pellet stove, and it doesn't heat up my room nearly enough, and he says that if it didn't heat my room, then my room would be just as cold as outside

My friend says I'm right, his daughter agrees w/ him.... who is right?

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    Depends upon how insulated your house is. During the day if you have a well insulated house that has a lot of access to the sun, you could have a warmer house then outside. Also, if it is windy your house will obviously feel warmer as well. And if you live in an apartment or condo, the higher up you live, the warmer it will naturally be because heat rises.

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    There are many variables: Volume to surface area, Insulation, Passive solar gain and thermal mass, Number of external walls, Activity within the room (people and equipment), Humidity levels. A house does not necessarily need extra heating if it is designed properly, especially with heat exchangers to capture heat that would normally be extracted. But assuming your stove is lit it must be producing heat, and if your house is of a poor design, then without this heat it would get cold and depending on the above MAY get as cold as the outside air temp over a long enough period.

    Source(s): see centre for alternative technology for house info (CAT)
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    Being from Alaska I can tell you, when I go upriver to my cabin in the winter time, it is colder inside the cabin than outside upon arrival. For your room to to be the temperature of the "outside", the whole house would have to be without heat. Sounds like you need to get a thermometer... that would tell you what your pellet stove is doing. Putting a small fan behind your stove would help to circulate the air, dispersing the heat.

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    Regardless of if it is warmer than outside, if it is below freezing outside your pipes may burst and when it gets warmer, you house will be damaged by water leaks.

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    Yes, if your home insulation is not that much like most homes.

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    it depends sometimes i think ts colder in my apartment then it is outside

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