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What is a nice country/city to live that has good quality of morals and life?

London is a beautiful city, but very expensive, secondly the morals in the UK are sliding down, please tell me what country for 25 year old guy like me to move to. My skills are fitness and reading and writing, my home country is russia but this is not a nice place for us. GOD BLESS thanks

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    México!!!!!!! jajajajaja No es cierto es una broma, Mexico esta muy jodido. Dios te bendiga a ti también.

    Mexico!!!! jajajajaj, It´s only a joke, Mexico is not a good option, but I belive that Canada could be a better one. God bless you too, greetings from Mexico City. Bye.

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    maximum individuals grow to be a mixed person religiously or delevope their very own standards and morals to stay by utilising. i comprehend some adult men regionally that have a tendency to try this greater advantageous than women folk do. Me, spritually, i'm mixed alot provided that I did alot of religious learn of diverse religions as quickly as I lost faith for a whilst with the aid of three undesirable acquaintances and an insane woman, nonetheless inflicting me issues, public, pc, media, and otherwise, and no i'm no longer Britney, in elementary terms a ghost author for her and different artists over the final 11 years, yet it rather is an prolonged-greater twisted up and depressing tale and that i'm so performed with that element of my existence or waiting to alter it. yet alot of individuals do, heck, my closest pal is a Buddhist woman and he or she is between the nicest, smartest people I even have ever met, and we the two comprehend one yet another and characteristic relaxing alot too and attempt to help one yet another at artwork as quickly as we are able to. So do no longer choose people, or it is going to come decrease back to you, it constantly does, no longer even a fraudulent settlement can stay away from that, that's what I even have discovered from all of the classes in my existence approximately those people.

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    Norway,Denmark or Switzerland!

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    Malaysia /Kuala lampore

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