Scar remedies....Do they work? Whats the best?

Have a scar under my eye, want to make it go away or become less visible. If I use these products, will they lighten my skin where applied? I know they can make your skin sensitive to sun but thankfully not much to worry about this time of year. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. This is also a very new scar.


This scar has bad memories. Don't want it.

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    I used Mederma on a scar I got last summer. They had removed a mole with a laser, and it left a nasty scar. It was a big red blotch that looked sort of like a birthmark, pretty ugly. I wasn't sure Mederma would work because I wasn't applying it to a cut.

    Anyway, I used Mederma as directed (2 applications per day) and it it literally almost invisible now. It took 2 to 3 months total to fade away. It probably would have faded a lot quicker if i had been more diligent with applying every day.

    Source(s): experience with my scar
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    scars are cool I suggest you don't try to hide it. it's natures way of giving you a meaningful tattoo

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