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If I can consistently hit a 55 yard field goal, do I have a shot at making the starting spot on a D1 team?

I am consistent at 55 yards out, and I am even a little better under pressure. Do I have a shot at starting? I will be a senior in high school next year, so I still have one high school season in front of me...

ps. Keep in mind I am using a 2" block when kicking field goals, but I have the same range using a 1"

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    All day long. Apply to The University of Tennessee. We need a good kicker. 107.000 fans every home game!!!!

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    Many of the college teams look for soccer style kickers. They kick right off the ground. Many of the schools play most of their games on turf so they like that.

    If you are that good from 55 yards your high school coach should be talking to the college scouts by now.

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    I've read your questions on your profile you've asked this 6 times, plus you went from not being able to make a 35 yard field goal, & now you're making 55 yard field goals. What's with that????

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    If you have that kind of range not only can you look at D-1 but you can start looking at premier schools in D-1 such as FSU, Miami, Florida, LSU, USC etc. You always notice how they lose close games cause the kickers have no range or are inconsistent. Get out there and get noticed! Good luck to you.

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    Just get what you need like they do in the pros and if you can still do it the same then yes and try from like the left side right side and center and try to go back a little futher to improve it

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    college kickers do not use a block. Learn to kick straight off the ground. it sounds like you have the leg strength to play college

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    NFL kickers have difficulty making that kick. You could go pro right now.

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    Definately -

    Send your tape to Ball State--That is a team on the UP and UP!

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    ya for sure as long as you keep you grades up and have a good senior year you will be fine. make sure you get your name and stats out to colleges tho

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    yes for university of washington or Michigan state

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