ive asked this question before and not many people answered so here it is: well im in 8th grade and ive had this best friend since kindergarten. this new girl(michelle) came to our class last year and have become very good friends with pretty much best friends. we r all very close. but me and my best friend from kindergarten have been fighting a lot lately and someone always feels kind of left out all the time. it seems like the closer we get to michelle the farther we get from each other. michelle can be slightly annoying and weird sometimes but she is a great friend. we are all getting jealous of each other and mad over the smallest things...none of us know how to fix it!

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oh and our schools kinda small so theres not many other people to "branch out to" haha...but ive been getting really mad at my best friend from kindergarten like almost everyday now and used to never get mad at her..ever

and its always seems that its always either michelle and jennifer(my best friend from kindergarten) doing something and i feel left out, or me and michelle doing something and i feel left out, and i think michelle might feel a bit left out becauseshe hasnt known us for as long and isnt AS good of friends w/ us


and michelle is kind of super annoying

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you guys need more time hanging out as a trio, and less with two and the other left out. Tell Jennifer that you don't know why you guys have been fighting so much lately but her friendship is always more important than whatever you said. If you guys put enough effort this year could be a blast!

  • 1 decade ago

    tha same thing happen to me in 8th grade!

    but tha new girl (tarah) turned out to be a big phat liar who was just tryna break me n my friends from kindergarden apart. but in tha end none of us are friends now bcuz of tha new girl! i hope that dnt happen2 u

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