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science homework.

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    every time you transform energy from one type to another type you lose energy. SO, in our daily lives, the fewer times you convert from one type of energy to another you save energy Example:

    If you start with some solar energy hitting a photo cell, only 25% of the energy is converted to electricity. Then if you use the electricity to make H2 gas, only 50% of the electric energy is converted to H2 chemical energy, then if you use the H2 in a fuel cell, then 80% of the H2 chemical energy is used to make elctricity, then if the elctricity is used to run a motor in a car, only 90% of the elctrical energy is ttransformed, the net is .25 * .5 * .8 * .0 = .09, or 9% of the energy was used.

    BUT if you used a passive solar heating, 50% of the solar energy would be transformed into heat.

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    we need energy

    energy transformation is like electricity to a light bulb (light) and then the energy turns to heat

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    Um, you need energy in order to do all your daily activities? That's what I would say

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