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is this wrong ? helpp?

is there anything wrong with liking older guys

like being 14 (freshmen) and liking 15-17 year olds

not being sexual but having a relationship

and if its love and right having sex

this isnt for me, its for one of my friends

i think theres nothing wrong with that but she wants to get more opinions

shes sitting here with me




her parents are cool with her dating guys under 18 as long as hes a good guy

and she's smart, she wont let a guy take advantage of her

and the guys she likes go to our school so we know them pretty good

Update 2:

anddddddddddd another thing lol

- shes not planing on having sex

i put that there just so you get the picture that shes waiting for true love

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    its not wrong !!! but just be carfull those guys can sweet talk girls to have sex ... they are sooo not ready to settle or fall in love

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    Hon so many people ask this question in a variety of ways. There is nothing wrong with liking boys older than you. However boys older than you are liable to request things they have no right to request.. and then get indignant when you refuse them.

    If it's real love then sex will wait until the right moment which is marriage. It's hard to get young girls to understand that to many young men you are a notch on their bedpost or bragging rights. Don't fall for their traps. If you are liked and respected he will take no for an answer.. if not he will try to use guilt to make you give in.

    One thing for sure you can bet there aren't many that will stay beside you when you whisper in their ear "Hi Daddy". So think of the consequences before just crawling into bed. Another thing to think would you feel having to sit down with your folks and saying " Hey Mom/ the way I have an STD or AIDS... just thought you might want to know. I know thinking that way sure kept me straight cause I know how my parents were.

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    ummm I guess not. But teenage boys are a little unpredictable. Not all, but most. I dont think that at 14 you should be having sex at all. Usually when you do something like that when you're young, you'll end up regretting it. It may cause a lot of unneeded drama too.

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    It is not wrong to like older guys because often older guys are more mature and know how to treat women. When you think you are ready to have sex then you are ready to have sex. Better to do it with someone you love though

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  • dave
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    Depends where you live but having sex before a certain age is illegal.

    No problem going out with these guys, but don't let them pressure you into doing something that could get you in trouble.

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    its fine to like someone older, or even date someone older.

    age is nothin but a number and if the 2 people like eachother, go right a head and dont care what other people think.. all that matters is that the 2 people are happy with themselves.


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    its ok to like 15-17 but i dont think you can have a sexual relationship with the boy cause if you get pregnant they can get charged with rape but sense you said sex isnt for you those guys can really pressure you to so be careful.

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    No there is nothing wrong with that, its just two years and as long as she know's that most older guys probably just want to get with her to have sex then she should be alright.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's fine as long as they aren't really old like 30 40

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    i believe that you know that it is wrong and just wants to hear people hear say it is not to give you justification to carry out what you think is right. i say it is wrong and that you are too young to be loving a man not to mention having sex, you are just not mature enough

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