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forgot to pay my speeding ticket.?

what happens if your a week late on the deadline? im gonna go in tomorrow(to find out) but should i be prepared for anything etc?

let me know thx!


btw.... no **** its serious. i dont wanna hear your guy/girls ****, just what happens. thx

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    If you take care of the ticket, chance are everything will be fine. (pun intended)

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    Take care of this ASAP. Currently, there should be a warrant out on you. If you turn yourself in and pay the ticket, they'll probably just let it go. Then again, you never know. Tickets are no joke. When they say pay by a certain date, you pay. Now, you have no liscence and could go to jail for anywhere from a couple days to a month.

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    Oh Oh, 6 month jail time with all the convicts....Ugh! OR Maybe just taking away your driving priveleges for life....Ouch! Or maybe if you can sweet talk your way out of it....Just take the bus from now on and your worries will be over.

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    your lisc is suspended more than likely you gotta pay an extra fine and take some paperwork to another office to get it reinstated.

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    The first answer is correct . . . and be sure to get any paperwork your insurance company may need . . . because you auto insurance company is generally notified when your license is suspended.

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    You're in trouble now buddy. Take your medicine like a man.

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