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What is the best way to keep ur baby from getting sick when?

there is another baby ( my brothers) that is sick that lives with us he has an stomach flu and and i keep my baby away from him and my baby is upstairs in the room with me for now until that baby gets better but what else can i do! I DO SANTIZE Thanks


my son is 19 mnths and the other baby is 15 months!

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    At 19 months its the perfect time to start washing hands! It might be a wet and sloppy endeavor but it will help. Wash hands frequently, wash clothes and blankets, and get a can of lysol for the babies toys and common areas! I actually lay out all the kids toys once a month and spray them with lysol, but when someone has been sick I do this twice as often.

  • There isnt much you can do except keep the babys apart.. and you dont be around the sick baby either because you might catch it and then pass it on to the baby... sucks having more than one baby in the house, I have 3 here 2 are friends babys... and my son always catches their colds :(

  • keep them apart as much as possible and Lysol EVERYTHING!!!

    Source(s): worked to keep my daughter healthy when i was sick
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