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Odd pain in foot........?

Ok so heres something I want you to do before oyu keep reading. stick your toes up. Ya see that bone sticking out of the bottom of your foot?Between your heel and toes? Well every time

I walk I get a shooting pain there. Any idea what it is?

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    Ball-of-foot pain (Metatarsalgia) frequently affects runners and other athletes who participate in high-impact sports due to the extra stress on the metatarsal bones (the long bones located in the front part of your feet just below your toes).

    This is also common complaint among women wearing high heels and fashion shoes. Pain in this area of the foot may also occur when wearing hard shoes without any cushioning inside, such as work boots.

    This type of ball-of-foot pain is often caused by excessive pronation, and can be treated with a full-length orthotic insole with a metatarsal raise to help alleviate the pressure and friction in the ball of the foot.

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    It is because of the swelling in pregnancy tends to cut off circulation incompletely as well as press on nerves weirdly. Pretty common problem, but do mention it at your next visit. If your hands/feet stay tingling for more than an hour, call the doctor's office.

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