Is there any reason why it should be illegal for teens to buy sex toys?

Is it harmful for them to masturbate?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would not like my 13year old being able to purchase them, but an 18year old (who can legally vote, drink or die for his country - at least here in Australia) I'd have no objections at all.

    After all, by that age, the greater majority of them are sexually active already.

    And no, masturbation is not harmful physically.

  • 1 decade ago

    First off, no, it is not harmful for ANYONE to masturbate. It keeps people sexually satisfied so they won't go to desperate measures to get rid of their urges, things that may end up spreading STDs or causing unwanted pregnancies. It is people's time to pay attention to themselves, and focus only on giving themselves pleasure. It's completely healthy.

    Now, personally, I would rather my children use sex toys when they hit their teens to postpone them actually having sex, or even so that when they do have sex they'll have a better idea of what they like and what to expect. Of course, everyone has two perfectly good sex toys built in at the end of their arms, but I don't see any reason why teens shouldn't be allowed to use sex toys.

    The only problem (from the store owner's point of view) is that everyone matures at different rates, so it's hard to set up a specific age where every teen is ready to use them (I wasn't ready until I was a few months before my eighteenth birthday anyway). The idea is that by the time people are eighteen, everyone has officially finished puberty and become an adult. Yes, I do think teens should be able to access sex toys somehow, but I can also see where manufacturers and distributors could run into problems (and angry parents!)

    Therefore, the teenage years are the time to be creative. Use back massagers (as vibrators) and the faucet in the tub for girls, textured washcloths and the like for boys. And again, they can use their fingers!

    Hope I answered your question!

  • 1 decade ago

    its not harmful for them to masturbate its healthier than teens having sex. the reason that underage people often cant buy sex toys is because its easy to campaign on its easy to get people to say no because saying it is ok is not exactly socially acceptable. Blame right wing conservatives and Queen Elisabeth.

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