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Heyy. Does anyone know anything about the streets of Ancient China? And about the markets and stuff? Thanks :)?

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    In Xian, the ancient capital of china until the Ming dynasty, the street names have been the way they were for thousands of years.

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    There are still some ancient towns in China. You can visit the sites below.

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    well, it's a puzzling question... streets are the places for people to move in the city... average width -- two wagons... no pavement, no public transportation, no traffic lights... anything besides that?

    markets are places for people to exchange the goods, often with the help of money... average marketplace consists of about dozens of sellers and the same amount of buyers... some were daily, some were weekend and there also were many peddlers who didn't stay at one place but moved around delivering their goods to every house...

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    Here's an article about Siheyuan in Beijing and it has a long history I think!

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