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what do you think of these photos for entering a contest?

i am thinking of entering these photos in this contest

our photo teacher told us about it.

you are allowed to enter up to 3 photos

also they have to be matted

how would you go about matting a picture

and what do you use to matt a picture

all of these are unedited but i have the edited versions at school which ill obviously submit




these next 3 are actually the edited versions



please tell me your favorite 3

thank you=]


this is number 3 i am aware that that link doesnt work

Update 2:

and i did edit them there just not the edited version..cuz i dont have photoshop at home just at school.and thats where the editedp pix are

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    well i have to admit, i really dont like the first one..

    it looks a bit amateur, and washed out.

    keep working on them and you'll get it!

    i suggest editing the pics and working with brightness and contrast.

    but i like the one of the roof the best (5)

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    You can matte a picture at any frame shop, it will generally be about twenty dollars per photograph. My favorite photograph is the morning dead grass. You got some nice highlights and I like the contrast between those beautiful flowers in the background and all that dead grass as the main subject. Compositionally, the third photograph is lacking and I do not like the soft focus effect. The fifth is quite harsh and displeasing to the eye, but I somewhat enjoy it nevertheless. Be careful with submitting that one though because I'm sure most people won't like it nearly as much as I do. First shot is pretty much standard student stuff. I see photographs like the sort all the time in the critiques of photography I. I'd still recommend it though, as it's still interesting to look at and it might please the judges. Good luck!

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    2&3 are nice, 5 would be better in B&W

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