I Dont wanna move but my mom wants to move ?

we've been living in pennsylvania for about a yr and something months and i really like it here . every things going fine for me and like i don't wanna start over . but my mom wants to move because she says the bills are to much , her boyfriends stressing her out. blah blah and i honestly feel like crying because i don't wanna leave my friend's neither my boyfriend. and she says she feels bad about me wanting to stay and she wants to leave but she's always running away from her problems that why we left florida because she said my grand mom depended on her to much. she was tired of bills . there's always gonna be bills she's always worrying for no reason we've made it thru this before . i honestly don't care if she cant buy me clothes like she use to. im turning 16 and i can work its like she doesn't understand . we can move to a two bedroom house instead of a three . i wouldn't even mind living in a one bedroom house with my sister and mom . i just don't wanna leave i don't wanna go back to florida with all those horrible memories. ugh like i don't wanna stress it but i cant stop from holding back tears as i write this


i know im 15 ?

what was the point in that =|

yea iam im willing to help her . i really dont wanna move

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    why don't you suggest moving to a smaller house or maybe even an apartment, instead of out of town. or, offer to help out with the bills when you get a job. she can't run away forever, in fact, moving costs alot of money, and adds alot of stress, weather she realizes it or not she only makes things worse every time she does it.

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    These are normal feelings and there aren't very many options for you. Would your mother emancipate you? (Grant you custody of yourself legally) If she did this would there possibly be a friend or family member that you could stay with and finish school? Or would she let stay behind with a friend or family member? I can understand not wanting to run away and I can also understand her wanting to run away. Sometimes the stresses of being an adult and the responsibilities become overwhelming. Have you told her how you feel and not yelled at her when telling her? Talk calmly and even when she makes angry don't snap back. Breathe in and breathe out, then talk to her in a normal voice explaining how you feel. I know it may be hard, but it needs to be done. Also let her know that you aren't trying to put her down in anyway and that you do love her. She maybe going through some depression as well. I don't know the whole situation, but hopefully this will help to ease some pain...

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    Sweetie, unfortunately your mum is ultimately in charge and she's going to do what she feels is best. However try asking her to sit down with you and your sister and writing a list of pros and cons about moving and have a list of things you can do where you are to cut down on bills etc such as the things you mentioned like moving into a smaller house.

    I've just recently moved myself and moving is pretty expensive so if she's worried about money moving isn't something I'd be doing. If her boyfriend is stressing her out she should leave him. Family comes first and if he's effecting her decision to move her family from where they're happy then he should simply be removed from the picture.

    So sit down and talk with your mum. Try to avoid getting too upset while you do this because if you act like 'a kid' parents are far less likely to respect your opinions. (Been there, done this a hundred times. Trust me, staying calm and being mature is a much better way to get through to them.) Make those lists and I hope everything works out for the best. Good luck!

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    girl i know exactly how you feel i went to the same thing.

    my best advice to you is get a job before you guys move and help your mom pay one of her bills it doesnt have to be a bill that has to be a big payment but somthing small and that will help your mom.

    and when she see's this she will maybe have less stress on her and you guys wont have to move and the rest of the money you get for working a part time job you can bye your cloths or stuff you want with it. that way you will be helping your mom alot. i mean she can still bye you stuff but that way it wont be that stressing.

    your siter can get a part time job too if she is 16 that way your mom wont really have to move.

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    Ok. You need to make a choice. You can go and be mad for a while and have a horrible good-bye, or you can face the facts, go, and leave having the good memories of your friend's god-byes to hold on to.

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    oo im sorry to hear that but think about when you move new people to see, you can like be a new person and that always exciting

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    girl you 15

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