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How to get big, fierce eyes?

I want to have really big, crazy fierce looking eyes that just stand out. How would I do this? I have bigger looking green eyes, with a light complexion. Also, I'm only 14 so I'm wanting to go a little darker on my eyeliner & stuff. But, I've never really applied eyeshadow. Any help on that?

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    Super shock by AVON is the perfect mascara. It has a comb on the wand that separates and lengthens, also I find curling my eyelashes makes my eyes look more open and really pop. To effectively apply eye shadow in a smoky light way without looking like a victim that lives and maybe died a constant Halloween party has exploded on your face use a shimmery grey from the outer corner up and just to the center in your crease of your eye. Apply a light green blue for a kind of emo punk sexy but not too much because you are after all fourteen and looking like a hooker is perceivable so easy to do with too much eye shadow. Below is a link with perfect tips and instructions or you can always search youtube for some instructional too. Good luck!

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    Yeah buy the eyeshadow and mascara that's made for green eyes...almay has a line of those.

    Also, try using white eyeliner on the bottom lid of your eyes, it makes them look bigger

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    Well if you don't like eyeshadow go all out with your eyeliner try bright colors like red and get those cool different colored mascaras to match. You can find both in like Max factor and other big brands.

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    well the easiest way to get those big fierced eyes and proffecional go to the MAC store they do your make up for free if you just start asking for products ask for a dark eyeliner and a smokey looking eye shadow or you could do it youself buy a charcoal eye liner and a light charcoal eye shadow....ohh and dont forget to put a lot of mascara ( it works to make you eyes look bigger)

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    try good good mascara like:

    cover girls lashblast



    you can try grey contacts

    even the green is probably already good

    but good colors make you eyes pop like:

    purples, blacks, greys, greens

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    they have a new kind of mascara that brings out your eyecolor.

    personally, i think it workss, oh && its by covergirl and i am pretty sure its called exact eyelits! hope i helpeed

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