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Christmas party ideas? 15 years old!?

Hey y'all (: Im 15 years old and i think i might have a christmas party in the middle of december. I have NO CLUE what to do. What are some cool ideas for teenagers to do at a christmas party? Like maybe some games or something? (Yes, it will be all girls because it will be a sleepover kind of thing), I will take any suggestions into consideration !

™leahhgracee ;♥

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    do a secret Santa where you draw names from a hat and you have to buy gifts for that person but you must keep it a secret, you need to choose a price range for the presents too.

    bake heaps of gingerbread and stuff together :D

    We often used to play charades!! There may be an official game of that name, but I'm talking about old-fashioned charades, where you act out different things... we didn't use costumes but if you have dress-up clothes or fun hats and things, you could incorporate them! 4-year old can pair up (or everyone can pair up) with an older kid, they'll have lots of fun acting things out!!

    holiday parties are great, and i am all about the music and decor, so

    :have some fun holiday cds playing when people get there and keep them coming!!!

    when people walk in the door, have a bowl of like...chocolate cherrys or other bite sized chocolate candies, and a scented candle that doesnt overpower everything else in the house. if you can get greens and holly and stuff, make a wreath!!

    you can have the wreath inside, on a table laying flat, and fill the middle with candles or the candy! really cute, i do it all the time! you can make neat paper decorations, not just paper chains, you can layer different shapes and color papers and make cool looking pieces for the walls.


    you can make two kinds and arrange them on one plate so it looks like theres tons of different kinds, and so that there are choices. people love choices. some of them could be decorated simply, and some not. create contrast!! for drinks, if you have a punch bowl, mix a citrus soda with some kind of juice that most people like, and add some slices of fruit so they float in it. pretty fruit, like oranges and whole cranberries.

    For your outfit: if you want a fun look, mix a short skirt with fun tights and your fave dressy-ish shoes, and a cute, simple top. idk where you live, but you can add things that make sense for your climate. if you want a kinda formal look....which i doubt, but here anyways: a black skirt or slacks, cute heels, and a belted top are wicked cute!

    for you like the people who are coming??? you could make up little gift bags, they can be small, and have chocolates and maybe lip glosses for girls.Thank for answering my question Hope I help.

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    hi, listed right here are some suggestions..... you are able to the two have a take a seat yuletide meal, or have a buffet on the part. not sure once you're interior the united kingdom, however the perfect place for patry nutrition i think of is Iceland - it rather is sturdy and espresso-value! Play a mix of chart songs with yuletide ones, have a community cleared for if people experience like dancing and notice the way it is going. Have a huge punch bowl of Cranberry juice, or something Xmassy! you are able to desire to do a secret Santa?! the two a posh gown social gathering, or each physique has to positioned on tinsel or a definite coloration. you have a yuletide action picture playing interior the history. Have a huge variety of chocolates on the part for eveyone to help themselves too. positioned candy canes everywhere. *additionally, beautify with a brilliant number of fairy lighting fixtures. desire this facilitates! Have a sturdy one. :)

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    Get some toilet paper have teams and have them make the best snowman . I am doing this for Christmas . I am going to have a kit or items like hats scarves etc . I used this for Halloween they were mummys.

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    watch xmas movies!!

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